Top tips for city night photography
13th October 2016
Cities across the world come alive at night and this is arguably the best time to photograph them! So sacrifice your sleep, read my top night photography tips and get out to photograph your nearest one!
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sLOVEnia - yes, you will love it!
01st October 2016
There's a reason why Slovenia's official tourist board has adopted the phrase 'I feel sLOVEnia'! Having just returned from a fabulous week-long trip, I certainly fell in love with...
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Published in Hamish McHamish!
29th September 2012
Earlier this year I was contacted by author Susan McMullan to provide photography for her book: "Hamish McHamish of St Andrews Cool Cat About Town". The book is about a (real) ginger cat called Hamish who...
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Saddleworth Snow 2010
02nd December 2010
New Canada Photos Added
10th April 2010
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27th June 2009
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02nd June 2009